The Govee AI Gaming Sync Box combines the three best things in life: Lights, Gaming, and Artificial Intelligence. It’s an Ambilight on steroids, reflecting not only your on-screen content in a few behind-the-screen LED strips and lighting bars, but also artificial light in supported games to recognize actions, events, and achievements to display unique Also adds a layer of intelligence. visual effect.

The Govee AI Gaming Sync Box comes with one LED strip and two light bars suitable for 27 to 34-inch monitors, and is available starting today for $300. But with only three games supported for the extra AI effects, is it worth it?

What’s so special about this Ambilight?

You might be thinking, “I don’t care about the AI bit, as it’s only a few supported games right now”, and that’s fair, however, we expect the list to grow.

HDMI backlight is hardly a new technology.

But the Govi system connects with any other Dreamview-compatible Govi lighting, such as the Govi Glide Wall Decor or any number of LED strips. The Sync Box then allows you to extend the synced lighting effects to those where individual segment control is available.

This last feature of extending lighting effects beyond your TV isn’t new to Govi; Some of you may already be familiar with their current Dreamview product line (like the G1 Pro, which we reviewed here). However, Govi’s previous efforts used a webcam to analyze the content on your TV screen or monitor.

The AI Gaming Sync Box is the first time they have used HDMI signal analysis, solving many of the problems associated with slow, often inaccurate webcam-based visual tracking.

What’s in the box?

In the box, you’ll find the AI Sync Box, which has two USB-C output ports that power the included lighting components, an HDMI output for connecting to your monitor, and three HDMI inputs, one of which can be used for ARC. can be done.

The Govi AI Sync Box can also serve as a basic HDMI input switcher. Since my monitors require awkward button presses to switch sources, this is easy enough. The sync box has a small frame of RGB LEDs around the edge, which also indicate on-screen content. While this is useful for input switching because it displays a left, middle, or right section in different colors, it feels clunky when it duplicates the entire screen content.

Next, you have a small reel of RGB pixel LEDs for your monitor. It’s preset with joints for the corners, which is why the kit can only fit monitors ranging from 27 to 34 inches. If anything, 27 inches is a bit too short, with the corner cables sticking out a bit. On the other hand, 34-inch monitors may find it a bit too small, given the lack of LEDs in the extreme corners. In the future, I hope Govee will release a generic pack of a fixed length that you can cut down to size.

Also in the box are two LED light bars for the corner of your desktop. These connect via a single USB-C cable to the back of the Sync Box.

While there are no additional USB-C ports to directly expand your lighting (nor can you currently buy a box-only kit to upgrade your existing setup), the beauty of the Govi AI Sync system is that it Works seamlessly with almost any other gooey. Wi-Fi-enabled lighting products, like their current Dreamview TV option do.

One small point: I wish Govee would sort out their packaging to be more eco-friendly. There’s a lot of plastic here that doesn’t need to exist, and some large pieces are unrecyclable solid foam that will now power my local waste incinerator for a brief second.

On the software side of things, simply open the Govi Home app and add a new device. Search for “sink” and you will find the right item. Then, double-check that each corner of the monitor lines up with the light output (if you’ve installed it backwards – but no problem; this can be fixed in the app).

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