What better way to help during a crisis than by playing some video games? At least, that’s what legendary game developer John Romero is banking on. Romero has released a new tier for Doom II for sale, with all proceeds going to the Red Cross and the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund to aid their humanitarian efforts.

So, what is One Humanity, and where can you buy and download this new Doom II level?

A new Doom II level! how do you play it?

One Humanity has become the first new level of Doom II since the game debuted in 1994. 18 years after the release of the original title, developer John Romero has released a whole new level, titled One Humanity, in an effort to promote charity. Red Cross and UN Central Emergency Response Fund in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

To run One Humanity, you’ll need “an original copy of DOOM II and a modern source port,” plus the five bucks to pay for the .WAD file (the actual new level file). Once you have purchased the new level, you will receive a download link that you can use three times. After you download One Humanity, you’ll need to import it into Doom II, where you can run into those strange monsters.

By all means, One Humanity is a classic Romero Doom map, full of secrets, traps, monsters, and more. It’s definitely a blast from the past!

The Doom map making and modding scene is going strong

Despite the launch of the original Doom in 1993 and Doom II in 1994, both games’ custom map-making and modding scenes are alive, full of people who miss the launching game, and those who first missed the launch of DoomGuy. Step into the shoes.

The brand new Romero-designed level will likely capture the imagination, and with proceeds going toward humanitarian causes, you can feel good slaying those monsters from Hell.

Want to enjoy some awesome retro gaming alone or with friends? Teaming up online for some awesome monster blasting first-person shooter fun? of course you do!

Back in 1997, id Software released the source code for Doom, a 1993 first-person shooter (FPS). Playing as a Space Marine, you’re up against all kinds of monsters and beasts on the Martian moon of Phobos. With the source code available, various new variations of the game have emerged, including versions for the Raspberry Pi.

To play this retro classic on your Raspberry Pi, you don’t need an emulator (like RetroPie or Recalbox) or a game ROM. With a simple installation of the game engine and WAD files Doom can run seamlessly on the Pi.

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