The Google Workspace Marketplace has many add-ons for task management that can increase your productivity and help you get things done. Most of these apps integrate seamlessly with Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar and Sheets.

If you use Workspace or any of its apps and want to get better at managing tasks, you should try these Google Workspace add-ons.

1. Trello for Gmail and Asana for Gmail

Email often requires some form of action—either submitting a report, creating an invoice, or responding to feedback. But going back and forth between Gmail and your task management software to add tasks can take a huge toll on your productivity.

That’s where Trello for Gmail and Asana for Gmail can help. These workspace add-ons give you the option to convert your emails into tasks straight from your inbox. That way, you can add new tasks to your favorite project management tool without leaving Gmail.

Using Asana for Gmail, you can add team members, set due dates, and add tasks to projects directly from Gmail. Trello for Gmail, on the other hand, creates tasks in the Trello board, setting the subject lines as the card title and the message as the description.

In addition to Trello and Asana, other project management and collaboration tools have similar add-ons. Functionality and features vary of course, but they can all help you save time.

2. GQs

GQueues describes itself as a complete task manager for Google Workspaces and has many features to justify the claim.

Using GQueus, you can sync your Google Calendar, create and assign tasks, and collaborate with colleagues. To break down projects into smaller tasks, you can create subtasks and recurring tasks. In addition, it lets you add new tasks directly from Gmail and Google Calendar.

You can integrate it with Drive to share documents seamlessly. It also has a Chrome extension that lets you create tasks while you browse.

GQueues ensures your tasks are completed on time by providing email and pop-up reminders. The free plan provides basic features, while the paid plan gives you more control and options for $3 per month. For Business, GQueues costs $4 per user per month.

3. Ganter Project Management

As the name suggests, Gantr is a tool for managing projects through Gantt charts. You can use it with workspace apps by installing its add-on.

Firstly, it supports two-way sync with the calendar. This means that your Ganter tasks automatically appear in Google Calendar, and you can use the calendar to update task status. Second, it can be integrated with Google Drive, saving your files directly to your Drive.

Third, it offers comments integrated with Google Docs and Sheets, keeping team members informed. Lastly, you can chat with your teammates using Hangouts.

There are different plans depending on which apps you want to integrate with Ganter. However, all plans cost $5 per user monthly.

4. Kanbanchi

Kambanchi is Kanban-style agile project management software that you can integrate with Google Workspace as an add-on. It works in conjunction with Calendar, Drive and Gmail.

You can automatically add project dates and attach your files to Google Calendar. All your Kanban boards are stored as files on your Google Drive. You can also export the data for a specific board to Google Sheets if you wish.

To convert emails into tasks, you’ll need to install a separate add-on for Gmail called Kanbunchi.

The Starter version costs around $8 per user monthly, while the Professional plan costs $20 per user monthly. The Professional plan offers time tracker, Gantt charts, and reporting features.

5. Taskboard

If you use Google Tasks to stay on top of your to-do list, you should give Taskboard a try. This Google Workspace add-on adds your Google Tasks tasks to the Kanban board, so you can view and manage them effectively.

After adding your tasks to the board, you can share and collaborate on them with your peers. You can set up multiple boards, use labels, add colors for easy task management.

Taskboard costs $6 per month. Although there is a free plan, it offers very limited features.

6. Projectwork Planning

ProjectWork is a project management tool that integrates seamlessly with many Google Workspace apps.

It lets you create a task analysis structure, displays Gantt charts, and allows you to track progress. You can also manage resources and collaborate with team members using Projectwork Planning.

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